Age: 10 years

Gender: Female (spayed)

Breed: Moggy/DSH

In/Out Door: INdoor only. 


Exp Req: High

Back Story: Lizzy was handed into us due to behavioural reasons such as not using her litter tray and being aggressive towards a new baby. We had her fully vetted including some exploratory surgery that turned out to be unnecessary, and treated her for neurological meningitis as she was vomitting and showing signs of being in pain some days. We have since had a diagnosis of PANCREATITIS. She is making a full recovery and is ready for a new home. She has lost an awful amount of weight due to vomiting but is now keeping her food down, using her litter tray and being very friendly. She needs a proper home to rest and re-cooperate where she will be loved until the end of her days. 

Pancreatitis is managed through diet. A low/No Fat Diet is essential. On days where she is in the highest level of pain a syringe of feline morphine can be collected on an as and when basis from the vet. 

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Stray Cats: Trapping/Catching stray cats requires having them in a routine of eating at a certain place at a certain time. To discuss stray cat trapping with us please

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Some Cats enjoying the facilities on the catio at one of our cat foster homes. 


Age: 4 years 

Breed: DSH (Moggy)

Sex: Female (Spayed)

Status: Available for Adoption

Exp Req: LOW

Back Story: Ellie & Tigger came into rescue when their owner sadly passed away and family members already had territorial cats. They have been waiting in rescue for their Forever Home for over 12 months now. They did have an adoption, but sadly due to an unexpected allergic reaction to Tigger's fur, they are now back in foster waiting for a family to love them forever. 

Ellie (Tabby & White) is somewhat shy and takes about a month in a new home to begin to settle in and be social with new people and show her quirky and brilliant personality. She LOVES toys of all descriptions and catnip can really pull her out of her shell. Despite her shyness, she does adore fuss and love and can be picked up and handled when needed. She has never; hissed, bitten or scratched. Ellie has a very old tail injury which does not bother her particularly but can be painful if caught or knocked and ideally would be amputated at a later date.  

Both Ellie & Tigger have had psychological over grooming issues triggered by stress and moving home, it started on their backs and tail bases . The treatment is simply: Sudocrem and a vet vest to stop them over grooming initially however this is currently under control. Both have lived with other very chilled out non aggressive cats and a dog that ignores cats. They must be kept as INDOOR cats or with an enclosed catio only. **Sadly Tigger passed away in September 2018 of a rare blood disease and Ellie is now seeking a home with other cats for company. 

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