Broken Souls Rescue Training SErvices 

We work with dogs every day in our rescue who have come from abusive, neglectful and over all traumatic situations. Some may have come from kennel environments. This requires a full range of rehabilitation and canine psychology knowledge. for these more complex issues we find inspiration in some more firm and "forceful" techniques to mirror that of a natural pack, we prefer to think of them as Power of the Pack tools oppose to negative reinforcement. 

Dog Training Sessions

Ever wished you could be on the TV show "The Dog Whisperer" or "It's Me Or the Dog"? 

Private 1 to 1 sessions individually tailored and personalised to suit your family and your dogs unique requirements in your own home or wherever the problems occur (the car, workplace, park etc.) 

Multiple positive based techniques and methods to tackle any potential behavioural issue.

Both basic training and more complex psychological issues addressed. 

Experienced & Qualified: BSc, ND, HND, Dip. 

Basic obedience, puppy training, barking, jumping up, recall, OCD, fear/nervousness, separation anxiety, dog aggression and more... 

Just £50 per session in Coventry and surrounding areas. 

Birmingham & other West Midlands areas

+£10 travel charge.

Weekend & Evening Appointments Available. 

Fill out the contact form or call 07706946093 to book now.

Call 07706946093 to book now

Request Information Regarding Booking A Session:

Depending on the behavioural issue at hand, we implement a range of tools in your training or rehabilitation plan including but not limited to:

  • Hand outs with written reminders and tips
  • Clicker Training
  • Reward/Treat/Toy based
  • Distraction Methods
  • Confidence Building with new activities
  • Core Dog Psychology and instinct techniques
  • Video playback of observations between owner and dog to pin point the problem

Our sessions last from 60 to 90 minutes and a mix of observation, assessment, discussion, implementation, owner teaching and planning.  

For most issues we advise a weekly or fortnightly session however we do offer more intense training programmes. 

If you have multiple dogs this will be charged at £50 per session and £10 per additional dog. If the issue requires more time the dogs will require individual sessions.