Our other dogs are under going training and assessment but please check back daily 

We DO occasionally have puppies and kittens for adoption.

Please be aware the adoption fee for puppies is £250


Age: 9/10 yrs (approx)
Gender: Female (to be spayed)
​Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier (short legged)

Exp Req: LOW
Back Story: Bess is our old lady who came from the pound as an unclaimed stray, her physical condition suggests she was used to breed from before being dumped. When she came to us she had a malignant tumour which we had removed and treated and she is now doing fantastic but will need annual check ups for spread of cancer. Bess was also "missing" for just over a week from the rescue and became famous on social media. She is the dinkiest little girl, ever so sweet and well behaved. She does not like other dogs or cats and needs to be the only pet in the home. She is fantastic with people. She is waiting for her forever home to love and spoil her in her golden years. Bess has been through so much and really deserves a home and family of her own. 

To Adopt BESS apply HERE

All Our Adopted Dogs & Cats Are:

  • Microchipped

  • 4 weeks free insurance

  • Neutered

  • Vaccinated

  • Treated for Fleas and Worms


Age: 3 years

Gender: Female (spayed)

Breed: French Bulldog 


Exp Req: Low

Back Story: FiFi came to us when her owner had to downsize due to ill health. Fifi is currently being fully assessed but is an easy going little girl, fantastic on walks, good with other dogs and children. Not cat tested. 

More Information and Photos to come once Assessment Complete.

To Apply to Adopt FiFi click HERE

We Currently Have A Large Outstanding Vet Bill of £2667.05 We Need to Pay off Before We Commit to Anymore Dogs.

But their Clocks are Ticking on Deathrow in the Pounds... 

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New RESCUES arriving by the day please keep checking BACK

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Age: 6 months
Gender: Female (not Spayed)

Breed: Rottador (Rottweiler X Labrador)


Exp Req: Medium

Back Story: Nala was born in rescue here at Broken Souls. Her brothers and sister and her mother have all been successfully adopted. Nala was also adopted but had to come back into rescue after her adopters realised they didn't have the time Nala needed to be trained and exercised. She is fantastic with other dogs although can try to be the alpha at first. She is still a puppy who needs lots of training and time. She will grow to be retriever size with a very high level of energy. She chases cat and we advise a non-cat home. She is brilliant with children, however is currently teething and a bit nippy/mouthy. Nala really will make some family very happy and be a truly wonderful addition. 

To Apply to Adopt Nala Click HERE

Until you find a new dog with us, why not join us as a volunteer or donate so we can have more dogs arrive....