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Husky X Staffy's

Will be medium sized fully grown & need lots of exercise.


Barney - Boy 

Biscuit - Boy

Sherlock - Boy

Draco - Boy


Age: Currently Unknown

Breed: Hound

Gender: Female (T.B. Spayed)

Status: Under Assessment 

Exp. Req: Medium

Back Story: Angel is a neglect and abuse case currently under going veterinary checks. She likes other dogs and children. No cats or small pets due to prey drive. More information will be known soon.  

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DOGS Available for adoption


Age: 6 Years

Gender: Male (Implant, T.B Neutered)

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Exp Req: Medium

Back Story: Diesel is a very handsome boy who recently came into rescue when his owners health became too severe for her to care for him properly anymore. He has been a well loved and cared for boy and is well behaved. 

He is currently in foster and being assessed as he settles in. He has the implant to lower his testosterone for 6 months prior to neutering as he has high levels currently and a bad habit of "humping" that will lessen as the implant takes effect.

Diesel is slowly learning to socialise with other dogs out and about but this requires further work and a pet free home to start with. Diesel can be protective of his owners and needs a strong assertive adopter to stop him feeling the need to do this.

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Age: 3years

Gender: Male (T.B. Neutered)

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier X

Status: Available for Adoption

Exp. Req: Medium

Back Story: Django is a lively and exciteable boy who loves to play. He was sadly handed into rescue due to his owner suffering from cancer. He is currently under assessment in rescue. He gets on well with other dogs but has high separation anxiety and would suit a home with someone at home most of the day or where he could join his owner(s) at work. 

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Age: 1 year approx

Gender: Female (T.B.Spayed)

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier X

Status: Available for Adoption

Exp Req: Medium

Back Story: Daisy came to us after her owners sadly had to move house to assisted housing for help. Just days before coming into rescue she unexpectedly gave birth to 5 beautiful puppies. She and puppies are currently in foster homes and she is being fed high fat puppy food. She will need several months to wean her puppies, be spayed and recover before she can be adopted. She gets on well with children and is good out and about but needs further work on her inter-dog interactions and socialisation. 

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We DO occasionally have puppies and kittens for adoption.

Please be aware the adoption fee for puppies is £250


We Desperately Need Pet Free Foster Families To Save the Lives of Dogs. Flexible, Free and a Rewarding Way to Have A Dog in Your Family. We Cover ALL Costs. PLEASE Apply to Adopt Today. Foster to Adopt Available. 

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Breed: German Shepherd X Tibetan Mastiff

Age: 20 months

Gender: Male (Neutered)

Status: Available for Adoption

Exp. Req: Medium

Back Story: Smurf came to rescue after a relationship breakdown lead to him not having the time, exercise, attention or training he needed. 

He is a very sweet boy who is full of love, but also full of energy and play. He is bouncy and boisterous although he is good with other dogs most of the time.

Due to his size and occasionally bolshy behaviour we are suggesting dog savvy children aged 10+ only in his new home and large breed experienced family only willing to give him the exercise and further training he needs. NO cats. Requires regular grooming. 

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All Our Adopted Dogs & Cats Are:

  • Microchipped

  • 4 weeks free insurance

  • Neutered

  • Vaccinated

  • Treated for Fleas and Worms


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Our other dogs are under going training and assessment but please check back daily