Father Christmas


Heavy Duty Metal Paw-print Keyrings: £2.50
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It's the Dog's House; We Just Pay the Mortgage

Beware of Dog Kisses

Love Me, Love My Dog

Dogs Leave Pawprints on your Heart

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Live Love Rescue

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Dog's Make My Life Whole

Christmas Trees

If Love Could've Saved You

DIY Dog Treat Kit - £15

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Comes with 3 treat cutters, 5 recipe cards, a Christmas Dog Tie and a BSR bracelet for you all in a lovely canvas bag. 

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Broken Souls Animal Rescue



Chester was a life resident after his owner went into care, fostered by Nicola assistant manager, for almost a year. He was a such a lovely soul and strong to the end. He will be sorely missed. Nicola also fostered Snowy a sweet rabbit who was lived his last months in luxury. She has also lost her own 8 year old guinea pig, Humbug, MR Wig Wig, Wig away over the rainbow. Sunshine was a 5 week old kitten found on the side of the Ransom Rd, Coventry and was rushed into the vets but could not be saved. She had suffered RTA injuries, had pneumonia and had cateracts. The vets could not get an IV in to save her as her veins kept collapsing.  RIP Sunshine, i'm sorry we were not fast enough. Jane our cat fosterer lost her own older lady Candy after a tough battle with cancer, sleep tight Candy. We would also like to pay respects to Harry of the Derby 6 that passed away suddenly after just 3 days in his new home, devastating his adopter Maria. Also to Nikko, a dog aggressive dog who just wasn't bound for this Earth when he turned on his owners and had to euthanised. Angel was a stunning, sweet and loyal rescue pure white GSD owned by Jemma and Tony, volunteers. She had an underlying internal infection which she could not fight whilst feeding her 6 puppies who she leaves behind to be hand reared. She tragically passed away at the vets trying to be treated. 5 of her 7 pups also passed from the mysterious infection.  Run free guys. See you on the other side. 

Christmas Ties for Dogs & Cats! - £3 
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Support our rescue animals this Christmas and all through the Winter by buying one of cute Christmas ties for dog or cat in your life. 5 Designs to choose from. 

​UNIQUE Handmade, "Dog Person" Charm Bracelet - £5 EXCLUSIVE to Broken Souls Rescue!

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Silver Plated Handmade Unique Canine Themed Charm Bracelet, ONLY Available here! 

Vampire Smile

Christmas Theme

Christmas Stocking - Santa Dog - £10 

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This beautiful quality stocking will last you (or your dog) for many happy years and seasonal tidings.

Funny Dog Toy - Squeaky Faces - £3.50
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Pig Snout with Tusks

Reindeers & Candy Canes

My Dog Rescued Me


Broken Souls Rescue Orange Charity Bracelet: £2 
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Pink Clicker

​Blue Clicker