Our new fundraising team are like a crew of elves working away to design and create 100's of CUSTOM items! From bags, to plaques, lead hooks, ornaments, coasters, clocks, bottle openers, LED light bottles, house signs, key rings, special occasion cards, table numbers, wedding items..... the sky is the limit! Please go to our Facebook fundraising page and message our head creative elf Stephen Greaves for enquiries and custom items! 100% of proceeds go to the care and treatment of rescue animals. All 100% Customiseable. Don't see what you want? Ask Stephen Greaves! Photographs below, click to enlarge. 

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In 2020 our team utilised their skills, time and equipment to make THOUSANDS of face visors provided to businesses and key workers across the West Midlands free of charge! 

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​Gift shop - 100% proceeds towards the rescue