Animal rescue and welfare organisations cannot run on oxygen and the kindness of voluntary staff alone. Our overhead costs are minimal as we do not (currently) run from a large premises, instead choosing to run from the vetted foster homes of staff and volunteers.

All our staff work voluntarily as well, the difference is simply that our volunteers are classed as staff as they are all experienced with some form of animal industry qualification. 

We rescue mainly dogs and cats from local authorities such as veterinary centres, social services and council pounds, the majority of these animals are due to be euthanised. We also answer 100's of private calls each month usually stemming from; domestic violence, homelessness, bereavement or ill health. 

​We have attended all kinds of cases including; animal hoarders, severe abuse, extreme neglect, complex medical issues, feral colonies, strays, bait dogs and much more... 

We have a strict "no-kill" policy meaning that:

  • we do not cherry pick our rescues 
  • we do not have breed specific policies or limits 
  • we do not put animals to sleep simply because we are struggling to rehome them
  • we give every animal it's best shot no matter what the cost and only turn to euthanasia when the quality of life is no longer acceptable or a dog has had their 3 strikes for biting within the rescue and is deemed neurologically behaviourally unsafe.

We have a high success rate at rehoming of 90% and are very proud of this. We have been nominated on the shortlist for 2 awards by PetPlan as animal charity team and volunteer of the year 2017 & again in 2018. We believe in rehabilitation being the most important part of our work and also run training sessions to prevent further dogs being placed into rescue care and also to generate some small funds for the rescue. We believe in ending breed specific legislation and that the cause of the problems is bad owners not bad dogs. 

We are looking for businesses who believe in the importance of animal welfare in the UK to sponsor us on a monthly, annually or bi-annually basis. The benefits of donating to a charity are not only the public perception of your business, or the free advertising, but the actual rewarding benefits you might feel personally by becoming involved with us. 

Our main costs are:

  • Essential Veterinary Treatments: Vaccinations & Neutering
  • ​Health Veterinary Treatments: From ear cleaning to cancer treatments. 
  • Flea and Worm monthly for each animal
  • Food, litter, bedding weekly. 
  • Transport to rescue and to adoptive homes
  • Insurance
  • Uniform, office supplies, promotional materials. 

If you would like to become an ambassador and sponsor for Broken Souls Rescue please call us on 0800 689 4369 and ask to speak with Mel Reardan or fill out our contact form below. 

Sponsor A Kennel 

Could your business sponsor the build of one of the kennels at our upcoming premises? 

Top of the range, insulated, hygenic, durable with an indoor and outdoor area for each dog. Each kennel is set to cost £10k. To have your business sponsor one of our new kennels contact us at the form above or email our Founder Ms. Reardan directly at broken-soulsrescue@outlook.com to discuss donations and promotions for your company. 

Be A Part of the BIG Picture and Donate Towards Our Urgently Needed New Premises


Broken Souls Rescue is trying to purchase a premises with land so that we can expand our work to reach, rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more animals in need through a site able to house significantly more dogs and cats. This means we could save more lives from the county pound death rows' which currently euthanise an average of 18 dogs each day in the UK.
We could increase our rescue efforts tenfold. 

Wish To Remain Anonymous? 

You donate directly into our account as a one off or regular donation. 

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