Spike's Video Story -For Every Under-dog Fighting to Survive Each day...

6 Stunning German Shepherd Puppies were Snapped up this Weekend  by Forever Families! Feb 2016 

Success Stories for the soul

Alfie Kitten Joins The Eagles - September 2016

Just 4 months old Alfie came to us with his pregnant mother. Fostered by the amazing Jane and son George, Alfie bonded with George and slowly gained confidence with people. He is now with the Eagle family, sleeping with daughter every night like a teddy bear and bonded with their scaredy cat Mac. Thank you guys!

Soulja has his S.O.S Answered - March 2016

Soulja, who was told he was unadoptable and would be euthanised at another reputable shelter, was snapped up quickly by Taya and Callum who adored his huge size and goofy look. He has already claimed one of the sofas as his and is settling in fantastically. He was a staff favourite at BSR being a GSD x SBT. we wish the very best to Charlie his previous owner who brought up a beuatiful dog and was so sad to have to give him up for health reasons. Thank you guys!

Rudie Brings Sunshine in to a Couple's Life and Finds his Forever Home! - Feb 2016

The world of animals rescue can be a tough, heart breaking and never-ending battle. So we here at BSR think it's important to celebrate our successes and thank our supporters. So here's just some​ of our success stories to make you soul smile....

Chinchilla Christmas - Dec 2016 

7 chinchillas were dumped on us overnight after a grandaughter left them with her poor nan! Staff fell in love with the fuzzballs and adopted 4 of them as 2 pairs. The remaining 3, Gizmo, Stripe and Mogwai  were adopted the weekend after being taken in by Jojo who also donated 2 dogs crates! Thank YOU! 

ALFIE Finds Forever Home with Alice & family, Friends of Director Nicola -

 Feb 2016

March 2016 - Alfredo Finds a New Mummy and Fur-ever home!

Kerri and her lovely cat, Kat, adopted Alfredo into their home this March. Alfredo had been being fostered by a seperate organisation where he was left to run feral in a dirty house where he fought for his food. On edge and skinny with scratches on his face and missing a back claw, he was nervous and on edge. Finally though, he is settling in beautifully and even his new sister Kat is coming round to idea as long as he stays off her sofa...

Thank you to Kerri sooo much!

After just 48hours with us, Molly bunny has found a new home already and how sweet that it is on Valentines day! 3 month old honey coloured rabbit who was so sweet to handle heads off to her new fur-ever family at 4pm today! Good luck Molly!! 

Smokey Jo gets Adopted his ASBO lifted - October 2016 

After a terrible start in life, the renamed Smokey Jo (from ASBO) who was abandoned in a house neglected in quite a state spent weeks in the vets ICU fighting for his life against infection weighing only 1.13kg. He was then diagnosed with deteriorating optic fibres meaning his eyes could flip backwards and he could become blind. Attending Vet nurse Anita fell in love however and adopted him and now she and her family are fighting over who loves him the most!

Sweet heart Bailey finally found her forever home back down in London with a couple of couples! Truly loving people who care about the planet, they are already spoiling her with an orthropeadic bed, trips to doggy restaurants and her own wardrobe! She is now the pampered princess pooch she deserves to be and has been renamed Maybe...Maybe Bailey. All the best and thank you to Cloud and Robert now a part of the BSR family. 

Ellie found her forever home in the hearts and house of adopter Julia and Family last night! The family own two houses next to each other so she has one HUGE garden to play in. Even better, she has a new big brother Cyrus, english bull terrier, to play with!! She was bouncing around playing fetch with Cyrus and the family when we left. \some might have found them overwhelming for a rescue dog, but we found them to be the perfect active vibrant tattoo covered golden hearted people Ellie and Broken Souls Rescue need. 

Thank you Julia and Family and we look forward to photos of you all together!

Ralph Gets Adopted - March 2016

Another one of our floppy eared residents found their forever home this month! Thank you family and please send us lots of updates!

Molly Bunny Gets a Special Valentines 2016 - A NEW HOME!

Maybe Bailey? - February Fur-Ever Home  2016

Longest Standing Resident Stella Finally Finds her Family - July 2016

After being dumped on us on Good Friday, Stella spent 15 weeks in emergency boarding kennels as she had dog aggression issues. After much campaigning and a HUGE kennel bill, she was adopted by a family grieving the loss of their own dog. Thank you much guys and thank you Harvest Hill Kennels for loving her for those 15 weeks! 

Beth Softens up For FurEver Family - August 2016

Beth was surrendered to BSR when her owner was made homeless suddenly. She really didn't settle well in rescue and was quite volatile and difficult to manage. Luckily, one of our close supporters decided to try and say hello and to our surprise Beth rolled over and purred! Kat, Dan and other cat Lotus have welcomed Beth into their home, thank you guys!

February 2016 - Fudge Finds her fur-ever home!

Fudge found her forever home tonight with a Dr of history, an IT professional and 2 ferrets as friends! She has a huge garden, a new bed and toys and most importantly 2 owners who are dedicated to her training, precise care and of course lots of love!

She's already making use of the HUGE garden as a race track and met her new siblings; 2 spoilt ferrets! She has a brand new bed and toys and a beautiful elegant new collar!

Her owners work shifts so there is always 1 at home and she can even go to some meetings with them! 

We are so happy for fudge and want to thank our assistant manager Nicola Carpenter and her mum for doing the 300mile round trip to collect the newlyrenamed 'Patsy'. 

6 puppies found their new families and forever homes this Friday as they were all quickly snapped up and we here at BSR are not suprised just look at those adorable stunners! Our manager was hoping one might be left for her but no chance!

To all adopting families: please send us photos and updates to broken-soulsrescue@outlook.com and let us know their new names with photos!!

ZIGGY finds forever home to get fed and loved! Feb 2016

\ziggy was adopted into a family last night and we are so happy to see our hoppy little friend adopted. Good luck ziggy and thsnk you family! Please send us photos and updates!

December 2015

A dog is for life, not just for christmas...

Einstein & Byron

The Derby 6 - All Finally Adopted Out! - September 2016

The Derby 6 all came to us after their owner tragically passed away. They were all slowly adopted out one by one. Boris was adopted by his previous owners friend. Basil joins BSR ex-rescue dog Ellie & Family. Lucy joins a lovely local couple but is still a self contained bedroom scaredy cat. Bella joined a lovely young man and his grieving cat who bonded quickly to Bella. Harry was adopted out by the lovely Maria but suddenly and tragically passed away from heart failure just 3 days later devastating us all. Susie who was deaf and had just 1 tooth left was taken in by the amazing Wayne and Emma who adapted their entire house to accomodate her special needs and even bought a harness to allow her to enjoy the garden! Thank you all!

Finishing February on a High - ROXY Re-homed!

Roxy our adorable Staff X Lurcher found her furever home on the 29/02/2016 in Redditch with Angelika and family! Angelika fell in love with Roxy online and once they met there was no seperating the 2! Roxy is being spoilt rotten demanding constant fuss and cuddles on the sofa, lying on a huge pillow bed the staff here all wanted to sleep on and being bought a new wardrobe of fashion to battle the cold in! Good luck Roxy and send us lots of photos and updates! Thank you Angelika!

Sweet Sisters STORM & AQUA get their proper start in life - Feb. 2016

Sweet 3 month old easy going sisters, Storm and Aqua so named due to the storm travelled through to rescue you them, were adopted Thursday night to join a small colony by a rat enthusiast. Thank you much!!! 

Darth Vadar & Honey Adopted - June 2016

Darth Vadar and Honey were surrendered after grown up children were no longer interested in them. They found a home with an adorable family with lovely kids and a fantastic hutch set up! Thank you guys and to Nicola for fostering them so well. 

Willow Cat Finds a Companion - Oct 2016

Willow found a 5* home with Marie curled up comfy and renamed princess Penny she is now a happy healthy well looked after lady. 

Heart wrenching puppy Alfie, was let down on a home check (that made us very angry but nevermind), but had already completely melted the heart of our own Assistant Manager Nicola!! He joins their large furry family and we are all so happy because it means we get to see him lots! Welcome to the Broken Souls family Alfie!!!!

Spike's Story

Ellie finds a Forever Home with a Fabulous Family - Feb 2016

Sweet heart scent marker and stunner Rudie found a loving home with couple Shannon and James (nearby to us!) and is already starting training with us! Loving spoiling him with new toys this week and getting to grips with his purple rain coat, we hope he brings sunshine into your life! Thank you guys! 

As BSR braced itself for the aftermath of puppies as presents for Christmas, we had a little bit of joy in our lives. We managed to re-home Einstein & Byron together to a lovely couple who have lots of time and space in Nottinghamshire! 

Einstein & Byron were 10 week old rough collie X puppies given to an Equine Rehabilitation centre when they went to collect some rescue horses. They were full of huge worms that horrified even our experienced staff and so full of fleas in their thick fur we had them on prescription flea treatments, daily medicated baths and hourly flea combing for a week! 

We were so happy they were homed together and still receive regular updates from their fantastic owners! Follow their INSTAGRAM: @Einbyronstein

Broken Souls Rescue resident Canine, Spike, is a well known canine celebrity of sorts in Coventry and a BSR staff favourite. He was the inspiration for and living proof of a rescue centre that is needed to take on the cases no where else will...

Found on gumtree advertised as a 10 wk old GSD X SBT with another picture, Spike was being kept in a house in Birmingham acting as a distributor of puppies for a puppy mill. Inside was disgusting. Urine and faeces covered a floor that also had children's toys scattered across it amongst the filth. Spike cautiously crept out from under a chair, with barely any fur left, covered in fleas, full of worms and completely emaciated, we could barely tell what breed of dog he was. Spike was the worst of the bunch showing signs of respiratory distress. We took him off the site and immediatley called the RSPCA who investigated the situation and found many more puppies of all breeds in small cages and crates throughout the property. All puppies were seized. 

We rushed Spike to the vets. He was showing signs of a severe neurological problem with; tremors, lack of perception, poor sight, clumsiness, physical limitations. He was diagnosed with Cerebellum Abiotrophy, a degenerative disease of the cerebellum in the brain causing seizures, tremors and a rapid deterioration at some point in the dogs overall well being eg. incontinence. We were advised to put Spike to sleep because he would have no quality of life even if he survived the next few days. 

Although his life expectancy had be dramatically decreased, we gave him a shot. De-flead and de-wormed, vaccinated, bathed and fed many, many times a day; Spike bounced back.

Today, Spike is an extremely boisterous hyper active dog with tremors and clumsiness beyond belief, and our manager Mel is dreading the day when he begins to deteriorate. On that day she will make the tough decision for the best for him. 

Spike, aka 'Scooby-Doofus'  is loving life. He is Mel Reardan's Sunshine. 

Beautiful Beau Adopted Twice! - August/October 2016

Beau was adopted twice over the past 2 months! First by the lovely Jason and Emma who suffered a personal tragedy and had to hand her back to us. However she was taken on by the amazing Nici and Karen (and their 2 less sure cats). Now Beau is being adored 24/7 as they work from home and are dedicated to this gorgeous girly. Thank you ladies!