Every animal who is rescued by Broken souls arrives at our doors by the kindness of a volunteer driver. 

Transporters are involved with the real nitty gritty aspects of rescue in that they see the animal before it is in our environment and care, they see the change and joy in the new adoption home and they deal with the horrific and often sad veterinary runs. They are the first point of contact for vets, pound workers and members of the public, who may have done things to the animal that can cause an emotional reaction. It is the transporters job to make this transition happen as smoothly, quickly and professionally as possible. You are also the first point of contact for the rescue animal, it is from the moment we collect an animal that their new life begins... 

What Transporters Do:

  • ​Drive to a given address to collect or drop animals.
  • Responsible for filling out and safely transporting simple surrender, adoption or foster paperwork.
  • Attend Veterinary appointments with animals. 
  • Safely and confidently handle the animal into a travel box, harness or seat where the animal is secure and safe to travel.
  • Make a basic assessment of the animal's behaviour and skills around people.
  • Provide your own vehicle. 
  • Provide your own GPS. 

What About the Costs?​ 

  • We FULLY reimburse all fuel costs. 
  • We supply cat boxes, leads, collars, paperwork and treats!
  • Should an animal throw up or have a toilet accident in your car we do not pay for this to be cleaned, you should expect this and travel with plastic bags, kitchen roll and air freshner. 
  • If one of the staff accompany you on a long journey you will usually be fed and watered as well. 

How Far Do We Travel?

  • We try to keep the majority of our foster homes within the West Midlands, but this does often stretch as far as Wolverhampton. 
  • We try to only answer rescue calls within the West Midlands, but often find ourselves pulling dogs from deathrow's across the country and have travelled as far as; London, Liverpool, Oxford, Derby, Nottingham. 
  • We send out "SOS" calls to all our transporters with postcodes to respond to so that you can pick and choose which locations and animal species you work with. 

Fill out this form to join our team as a transporter and somebody will be in touch very soon!